We develop product acceptance strategies and third-party validations that provide sustainable, energy-efficient solutions in the building marketplace.

RBA Assists Clients With:

  • Building code compliance – US and Canada
  • Third-party code evaluation reports
  • Green Building Standards compliance
  • Transparency – Environmental Product Declarations


Product acceptance – RBA can help you determine how to use third party vendors to validate building product code compliance, especially for green construction. We have experience developing two Green Approved product programs from scratch and subsequently certifying a company’s product line through the new programs. We also have third party management experience and are knowledgeable of the certification process.

Product development – RBA can assist with the technical assessment of building materials for use in green buildings. We have experience with the rapid deployment of a product to an energy-efficient construction market that immediately met customer demands.

Codes / standards –RBA can monitor codes and standards activities for your organization. We can develop code change proposals or write technical standards that support product acceptance.

Advocacy – RBA can help defend your company’s license to operate. We have successfully attended research and stakeholder meetings with effective messaging relevant to the building, product manufacturing and fire service communities.

Networking – RBA can develop a community of subject matter experts and consultants to support product acceptance in areas where your company lacks internal expertise.

Communications – RBA can create communication pieces or give presentations on behalf of your company. We have developed magazine articles, podcasts, webinars, and web-site communications as well as conference presentations.

Committee Membership(s): 


  • Member, ACHCC, Advisory Council for Harmonized Construction Codes, representing Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, Plastics Division (CIAC)
  • Observer and Participant- Standing Committees – Fire, Environmental Separation, Energy, Housing and Small Buildings
  • Past Task Group Member – NRC Study of Fire Performance of Houses. Phase I. Study of Unprotected Floor Assemblies in Basement Fire Scenarios.
  • Past Task Group Participant – Task Group on Low Permeance Materials, SCHSB
  • Past Task Group Member – Task Group on Cladding and Use of Foamed Plastics, SCFP
  • Past Participant – Task Group on CAN/ULC S710/S711 Standards for Polyurethane Air Sealant Foam
  • Past Member – CSA A440.4 – Window Installation standard
  • Past Member, Trilateral Green Building Construction Task Force, Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) – Canada, US, Mexico

United States

  • Member, Technical Advisory Group, Extruded Polystyrene Association (XPSA)
  • Member, Technical Advisory Group, Foam Sheathing Coalition (FSC), American Chemistry Council (ACC)
  • Member, Technical Advisory Group, Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI), ACC
  • Member, International Code Council (ICC) – Participant at ICC Hearings
  • Member, ASTM Committees C16 (Insulation), D07 (Wood), D14 (Adhesives), E05 (Fire), E06 (Building Performance), E60 (Sustainability)
  • Former Member, Idaho Building Code Board, representing Public Interest
  • Past Member, ASCE 32 Frost Protected Shallow Foundations
  • Past Member, Technical Advisory Group, American Wood Council, Fire and Energy Subcommittees.
  • Past Member, Technical Advisory Group, APA-EWS, Engineered Wood Products.
  • Advisory Consultant to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regarding Eco-Labeling and Environmental Product Declarations
  • Participant in IgCC, ASHRAE 189.1, ICC-700, Green Globes, LEED standards
  • Former Director, ICC-Evaluation Service Environmental Committee
  • Past Member, APEC Building Code Study Advisory Board – US Department of Trade
  • Past Member, Technical Advisory Council on Sustainability – International Accreditation Service (IAS)
  • Former Director, American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) E60 Sustainability Committee
  • Former President, Wood I-Joist Manufacturer’s Association